Monthly Archives: April 2014

Weekend Update

There’s not really that much to add – it’s the last weekend before taxes are due here in the US, so I’ve spent much of my weekend working on paperwork.  Ugh.

I did get to the layout for a few hours today and managed to install the gridwork for the upper valance along the walls with Kennecott / McCarty / Cordova.  It’s identical to the track level gridwork except for the lack of crossmembers.  I’m only installing a crossmember every 4′.  The grid doesn’t have to support much weight, except for the light strips and their cables.

The one gotcha is that the grid will have to cross the two windows.  I don’t want to block them, as they serve as secondary exits from the basement in case of fire or other emergency.  So I think what I’ll do is stop the grid on either side, and just have a magnetically-attached front board over the window area.  As long as I make the wiring harness so it also separates easily, this will preserve the use of the windows in emergencies.

In the process of putting the grid together, I got fed up with some of the scrap plywood I had sitting around.  So I also cut out the subroadbed for the Eyak yard area.  That consumed most of the remains of the sheet and got it out of my way in the process.