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Power to Alaganik

In between chores around the house, I spent some time this weekend getting the power and data run to Alaganik.  Track power and detection has now been extended from Katalla Junction down to the south siding switch Alaganik.  Track is still complete to nearly Eyak – I haven’t done anything on that in several weeks now.  I’m hoping to spend some time with the signal system in the coming weeks, as well as get the mainline extended all the way into Cordova.  Much of that shall depend on how much spare time my job allows me.

In celebration of that, I thought I’d share this old postcard view of Alaganik (apparently sometimes spelled Alaganic by some in the early days).

Postcard showing Alaganik

Also, the railroad has apparently always called it Alaganik, with a ‘k’, as evidenced by this 1910 timetable:CRNW Timetable #2 - Oct 16, 1910

Happy Monday, everyone!  (Ack, back to work…)


A Video Tour of the CR&NW

So I got out a little camera I had lying around tonight, built a photo flat car out of an old flat and some six wheel passenger trucks, and put a couple GP38-2s to work pushing it around the layout.  The track is in from the Kennecott Mill all the way down to Eyak, but it’s only powered as far as Katalla Junction right now, so that’s as far as we went.

Come imagine for a moment that you’re on the back of the CRNW’s business car with me, traveling the “Plywood Pacific” that is the CR&NW as it currently exists.The CR&NW Business Train

Forgive the basement mess, it’s been a very active construction zone for weeks now, and as such is a bit of a disaster.

Link to the video on Youtube