Mostly Not Dead Yet

I know, it’s been some 18 months since I posted any update. Turns out, if you want to get nothing done on your layout, start a model railroad company. The RasPi Zero W at the core of Iowa Scaled’s wifi receiver for the ProtoThrottle has been basically unobtainium for the past two years, so I started redesigning the receiver last summer. That involved hardware design, learning a whole new microcontroller and toolchain (the ESP32), and rewriting the whole thing from scratch – twice. Fortunately that long endeavor is at an end and finally to market, so hopefully I’ll have a little more time back. On the other hand, I really hate my day job these days and would like to have ISE become my full time income, and that’s going to take a lot more new products that sell a whole lot better in order to replace the paycheck that my professional job provides.

And if that’s not enough, I got suckered into being an assistant editor for Drip Points, which is one of the two main magazines of insulator collectors. Yes, I have hobbies beyond railroads, and putting out a professional, full-color magazine every other month takes a bit of time.

Basically, been a bit burned out for the last year. My hope is to get back to scenery this fall. I figure if I can get some hard shell on, then I can start weathering track, painting backdrops and fascia, and then start building the hundred trillion trees I’m going to need.

2 thoughts on “Mostly Not Dead Yet

  1. Ethan

    Hi there! I’m (currently) not much of a model railroader, but I came across your page while doing some research on the CR&NW. I’m a railfan with an interest in exploring the former right of way. I’d love to get in contact via email to discuss some of the resources you’ve used to learn about the CR&NW.

    1. Shawn Thomas Beiswenger

      I would love to share with you what knowledge I have and also I’m dreaming of documenting the old grade.


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