Layout Update – Jan 22, 2021

Since I haven’t posted pictures of the whole layout in quite some time and it was all nicely cleaned up for the CR&NW’s first work night last week, I thought I’d show you the state it’s currently in. The track is complete, except for a few spurs and industry tracks that have yet to be positively defined. The backdrop and fascia is 99% complete. The lighting is done, the signaling is 95% done, and track power wiring is 95% done. I’m still installing switch machines at Chitina and Cordova, but that should be done in a week or two. I’ve also posted pictures on the backdrop to inform others and remind myself what some of the scenes are supposed to look like. It’s a combination of my photos from visits over the last decade combined with historic imagery.

Once I get those last few benchwork and electrical to-dos resolved, it’s on to scenery and painting!

2 thoughts on “Layout Update – Jan 22, 2021

  1. Stefan

    I have been reading and surfing all I can about the history of MCarthy, Chitina, Kennecott and the CR&NW RR. In doing so I came across your site. As once a model railroader in HO scale I was pleased to come across your site.
    How did you come about wanting to do a layout of that RR? Have you been to the area? It was amazon how people endured during that time is such hash conditions.

    Can not wait to see the scenery of this rail road and hopefully video of it once completed.

  2. Ronald Simpson

    I agree with your decision on the signals. Had any version of the CRNW Railway existed into modern times, those would have been an absolute necessity. The original, at its height ran one train six days a week, with very high production from 1914 through most of the 1920s, with peak production years in 1916 and 1923. Once the line closed from 1932 until 1935, the return meant summertime-only. And it appears that ore trains ran about 2 or 3 times a week as the mine production dwindled, finally ending in October 1938, with the last train out on November 10, 1938.


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