Brief Update

I haven’t had much time to work on the layout in the past couple days, but I did manage to get the wall built that will separate the Cordova Dock (lower deck) and the Kennecott mine facilities (upper deck) from the workshop.  I also demolished the old helix, as I don’t plan to reuse it in its current form for the Chitina helix.

I also removed most of the screws holding down the existing part of the new Cordova yard.  My plan is to lift the plywood and track structure out whole and replace the benchwork underneath to match new standards.  Then I’ll install risers and cleats, cut down the plywood around the yard, and mount it back in place.  That’ll allow me to remove all of the heavy 2×4 benchwork under it – it’s all being replaced with 1×4 open grid – as well as what’s left of the old staging yard and the old electrical cabinet.

Unfortunately, I have to head for Indianapolis next week, so there won’t be much progress for another 10 days or so.  Then, when I get back, we’re firmly into fall photo charter season here in Colorado, so many of my weekends will be consumed out having fun on the narrow gauge.  As a result, progress may be a bit slow for the next two months.  I’ll try to fill the gaps with historical posts, or posts about layout standards and such things I’ve already decided upon.

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