Draft Track Plan

I started off this layout thinking I’d step into the 21st century and embrace CAD tools for track layout.  I’ve often been described by my friends as “CAD-tarded”, because of my long-standing and complete inability to use CAD tools.  I don’t know why, but the tools and I spend more time fighting each other than getting work done.  I guess my brain isn’t wired that way.  But, I figured with a fresh new project, this was the time to start trying again to switch from my old ways.


I grabbed demo versions of many of the popular packages (CADrail, 3rd PlanIt, etc.), or full versions, in the case of the free XTrkCad, and wound up beating my head against them for a full day before giving up.  I just couldn’t get things to work, and the frustration was driving my creativity level to a new low. Well, there’s a Saturday I’ll never get back.

So on Sunday, I pulled out my 17×22 quadrille pad, templates, compasses, rulers, and drafting pencil.  I was so much happier.  The creativity returned.  I spent the entire Sunday drawing, and didn’t even realize that I’d been at it for 14 hours until I looked up at the clock at 2am.  Oops.

Here’s my initial sketches of a track plan, as captured by my little camera because I haven’t yet scanned them (they’re 17″x22″, a bit bigger than my scanner bed, so it’s going to take some work).  Thoughts, comments?

My initial sketch of the upper deck track plan, from Chitina to Kennecott.  I realized after I took the picture that I'd forgotten to relabel a few things after moving things around.  Chitina is in the lower right, and Kennicott is on the peninsula on the lower left.

Upper Deck

My initial sketch trackplan of the CRNW's lower deck, from Cordova up to Abercrombie Canyon

Lower Deck

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