Happy New Year!

Like any good model railroader, I spent New Years Day in the basement working on the layout.  I was hoping my Fast Tracks jig would arrive on New Years Eve, but alas, it did not.  So, I reverted to working on lighting, benchwork, and some electronics design.

The good news is that the entire layout room now has proper room lights – nine fluorescent 4′ dual T8 fixtures, to be exact.  It makes it much less of a dingy hole in the ground and much more a presentable layout room.  Now if only the construction disaster would clean itself up…

As far as benchwork, I accomplished a piddly 32″ – the upper deck between McCarthy and the Kennicott River crossing.  The electrical took longer than expected, and I needed to accomplish some design work  for Iowa Scaled for a new optical track detector we’re working on.

My goal for the rest of the week is the rest of the east wall (McCarthy to Kuskulana on the upper and Cordova to Eyak on the lower) and – if the stars align – the rest of the wall framing and clean up some of the random junk in the way of progress.  We’ll see what actually happens.

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