Movin’ On Up… to 24VDC

I know, I haven’t posted many updates lately, but there will be about four coming in the next few days.  There’s been lots of work, but little time to properly write things up.

I’ve decided to rev the LED lighting PWM boards again to accept a 24VDC input. 24V offers the advantage of more efficient large power supplies (the Mean Well RSP-2000-24 being the one I plan to use) and half as much current.  That means smaller wires, less heat loss, and less inductive kick.  While I could always put two 12V strips of the warm or cool white in series to make a 24V load, the RGB strip was always the problem, because there was no way to wire those in series.  About a month ago I found a 24V RGB strip supplier, so I rev’d the control board to handle 24V.

I assembled the prototype on Monday and tested it last night.  The results are spectacular.  It works flawlessly.  With confirmation it’s going to work, I’ll probably start putting up the final light bars before the end of the year.  I’ll also post the control board design this weekend.

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