Saturday Progress

I’ve had a number of other things going on over the weekends (or it’s just been too darn nice to not get one of the convertibles out for a drive – pass up a 75 degree day in February, I don’t think so!), and haven’t felt like I’m actually making much progress lately.

This past week marks an end to the unproductive streak.  I’ve completed the roadbed from Nicolai Junction to the south siding switch at Strelna.  Track now extends down as far as the McCarthy end of the Kennicott River bridge.  I’ve also placed temporary bridges in the three large gaps – the Kennicott River crossing, the new Gilahina bridge, and of course the famous Kuskulana bridge.

I have other matters to attend to tomorrow, but I’m hoping to find a few hours to work on extending trackwork.  I’d really like to see the end of track at Strelna early next week.  At this rate, it may yet be possible to achieve my goal of track and electrical complete by summer.

Pictures tomorrow, after I clean up the disaster I’ve created in the layout room…

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