Weekend Update – Aug 24-25

Unfortunately I haven’t accomplished as much this weekend as I’d hoped.  I’ve spent most of my time getting projects ready for Iowa Scaled Engineering’s next printed circuit board run.  Some bits were model railroad-related, but most of it wasn’t.  So I don’t even have any cool new toys coming up that I can tell you about.

But hey, our first ad in Model Railroader appears in the October issue, which should be to subscribers shortly.  I’m excited and hopeful that this will help get us a bit more attention.  Seriously, if you’re considering servo switch motors or networked fast clocks, at least give us a look.  The more time I can justify working on model railroad-related projects, the faster the CRNW gets done…

I finally found that one pesky screw still holding the panel that will become the new Cordova yard to the 2×4.  So, upon removing it and cutting one metric crap-ton of wires, I pulled the two sections of plywood out and stored them on the other side of the room.   Then I removed what was left of the old industrial-strength benchwork (heavy 2x4s), the rest of the staging yard, and more wiring.  So now I’m down to bare wall framing again.

The next step – hopefully tonight or tomorrow – is to start noodling how open grid benchwork will attach to the wall frame.   I’ll probably build a couple prototypes, but I want to very quickly get to building benchwork on the wall frames that are complete.  You see, I have too much stuff “in storage” in the basement, and the shelves it sits on are in the way of Chitina.  So the faster I get the base benchwork built, the faster I can slide some storage shelves under it and get stuff in the way, well, not in the way.

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