First Train to Eyak

Not really wanting to do anything I should be doing tonight, I installed switch machines and track power between the south siding switch Alaganik and the south siding switch Eyak. 

The boxes in the back are mock-ups for some parts of the smelter complex.  This is the area that flooded in July 2016, so I haven’t gotten around to putting everything back and working out the yard layout again.  I have a few pictures on my phone of the original arrangement, so I can probably figure it out again.  Oh well, a project for New Years Day, possibly.

Here’s the first train, sitting just short of the South Eyak control point. Yes, I’m running a BNSF GP60 and some Superliners.  Totally not equipment I’ll ever get to run on the CR&NW, but stuff I have because I like the prototypes. 

One thought on “First Train to Eyak

  1. David Clark

    This is fascinating reading. Keep up the good work.
    My wife is a sourdough, having been born in Cordova. Her grandpa moved from Scotland to Tacoma to Canada, then to Cordova to work as a blacksmith on the railroad. Her mom’s generation is gone now, so I can’t share any of this with them, or get their remembrances. I have an autographed copy of the Copper Spike, and have walked across the Million Dollar Bridge several times – scary going across the section that fell down during the earthquake, since it’s only a few feet above the water.
    On one of our trips to Cordova to visit Uncle Harry Curran, we went to the museum and they had CR&NW HO(?) cars for sale. I didn’t buy one (nuts), and now no one there knows anything about them. I thought about making one as a keepsake for the grandkids, but not sure where to start. Any suggestions?


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