Framing Completed

As of earlier this afternoon, I’ve actually completed all of the 2×4 framing that will hold up the CRNW.   Now I need to complete the grid and roadbed, and then I can get down to fun stuff like trackwork again.

The first shot is looking at what will eventually be the Chitina Yard on the top level and Abercrombie Canyon on the bottom level.  The second shot is looking down the long straight-away, with Gilahina on the top rear, Eyak on the bottom left rear, Alaganic on the bottom right, and Strelna on the top right.

The next problem is to either use or junk everything in my extra lumber pile.  I had to move it up against the completed grid in order to install the framing, but now I need to either use it or junk it as it’s in the way.  Once I get that solved, then I’m nearly out of ripped dimensional plywood lumber, so I need to make more.  The problem is that it’s damned cold outside in the winter, and as you can see, there’s not much room to run 4’x8′ sheets through a table saw in the basement anymore.

crnw-framing-complete-1 crnw-framing-complete-2

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