Layout Update – More Work at Chitina

It’s been a while since I’ve had much time to work on the layout, but I decided after a mind-twisting week of meetings in Memphis it was time to get back to the basement and do some work.

Chitina is coming together.  So far, I’ve got the mainline, the front and back sidings, the enginehouse leads, the wye, and some of the industrial track down.  I spent most of yesterday and today doing the electrical work – extending power from the main electrical panel, installing track feeders and sub-buses, putting in block detectors and the auto-reverser, and starting the installation of some of the switch machines.  The track is pretty dirty, but at least it’s now all electrically hot (and held together with more than alligator clip leads).

Pictures later this week, I hope, along with an explanation of my Chitina and how it was derived from the historic version.

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