Mail Day: CRR Construction Near Eyak

Copper River Railway construction of cuts and fills around the Odiak Slough basin

Another old postcard recently added to my collection shows the Copper River Railroad (incorrectly labeled Railway on the card) grade on the south side of the Odiak Slough. The Copper River Railroad was the original line built out of Cordova in 1906 by Michael Heney (of WP&YR fame), and sold to the Alaska Syndicate and the Copper River & Northwestern that fall. You have to love those horse-drawn narrow gauge construction cars.

One thought on “Mail Day: CRR Construction Near Eyak

  1. Dixie Lambert

    Mike Heney’s railroad was called the Copper River Railway according to Lone E Janson’s book The Copper Spike. When he sold it to the Guggenheim Syndicate, the name was changed to Copper River & Northwest Railway.


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