Miles Glacier Bridge and the CR&NW Model Ts

The CR&NW seems to have had at least one, possibly multiple, Ford Model Ts converted to railroad wheels.  One of my recent acquisitions is this old CR&NW snapshot of a gentleman and one of the Model Ts (looks to be a later version, based on the larger radiator) posing in the middle of the Miles Glacier bridge.

Note the larger radiator and the single large headlight mounted on the driver’s side.  Contrast this with the smaller radiator and different headlamp arrangement found in a photo of Walter Angier posing with another supposed CR&NW Model T in 1919, as posted on Cora Sowa’s website about a sixth of the way down this page.

I’m not a Ford Model T expert by any means.  However, given what I can dredge up, both cars appear to be 1917s or later, based on the black steel radiators and other design changes.    However, either there have been some serious modifications to the same car between the two images, or the railroad had at least two of these critters.

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